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Kanagawa Science Park

A Place for R&D-based Companies to Start,Grow, Gather and Interact

Science Park
Science Park

The Kanagawa Science Park, conveniently located 15 kilometers south of central Tokyo is the first urban-type science park in Japan.

KSP houses numerous R&D departments of large companies and foreign affiliates.

These companies employ approximately 3,400 people, including engineers, researchers and business persons.

KSP is one of the largest science parks in Japan.

KSP is fully equipped with not only research laboratories with advanced specifications for R&D, but also with communication facilities such as meeting rooms, multipurpose event halls, and amenities such as a hotel, restaurants, and public green open spaces.

Research support facilities, such as the Materials Characterization Center, allow for collaboration of analytical research and technical consultations.

KSP, an ideal place for the R&D oriented businesses, will move forward to become a platform for global innovation.

Foundation and Background of the Kanagawa Science Park.

After twice experiencing the Oil Shocks of the 1970s, the Japanese economy fell from its high economic growth stage into low economic growth.

Heavy industries drove structure reform, and furthermore, mass production-type processing industries were declining.

As a result, the hollow out of certain industries and unemployment problems in the coastal area of Kawasaki city, Kanagawa, reached a serious level, caused by the closing of manufacturing plants, and frequent transfer of plants to localities or overseas.

To deal with this situation, Governor Nagasu, the governor of Kanagawa Prefecture at that time, advocated a regional industrial policy concept called the “Brain Center Framework”.

To create employment and revitalize regional industries, it was necessary to make use of the potential resources of the region to transform the industrial structure into knowledge-oriented industries.

Thus, the Kanagawa Science Park was a concrete strategic project within this framework aimed to become a center for science and technology, and research and development between Japan and Asia, located in Kawasaki, Kanagawa.

Mayor Ito of Kawasaki at that time advocated the “Mechanical Electronics City Framework” and agreed with Governor Nagasu’s concept.

As a result, the KSP project was jointly initiated by Kanagawa Prefecture and the City of Kawasaki.

Tenants (as of June 1, 2017)

Total number of tenants 115 (34 start-ups, 81 R&D corporations)
Employees approximately 3,400

Management by Kanagawa Science Park Owning Companies and Related Support Companies.

Science Park

The land and buildings of the Kanagawa Science Park are owned by 5 companies, including KSP, Inc.

, which was established in December 1986 as the core entity to administer the construction and management the science park, the Nippon Life Insurance Company, the Meiji Yasuda life Insurance Company, the Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited, and the TOBISHIMA CORPORATION.

Upon the opening of the Kanagawa Science Park, KSP Community Inc.

was established to function for the management and maintenance of the land and buildings in order to provide a comfortable and secure environment for tenant companies.

KSP Heat Supply Inc. was established in order to conduct an independent air-conditioning business.

In addition, the hotel is run by Hotel KSP.

The comprehensive management of the Kanagawa Science Park is carried out based on an alliance of these three companies and the five owning companies.



Comprehensive Facilities for Promoting Your Business

Innovation Center Building, West Wing= 10 stories


Main entrance of Kanagawa Science Park, equipped with office space for start-ups, meeting rooms, multipurpose halls, a hotel, clinic, post office, ATMs, a convenience store, and restaurants.

These amenities are also open to public.

R&D Business Park Buildings=12 stories


Japan’s first earthquake/vibration-proof building with an extremely solid structure specifically designed to accommodate research laboratories.

The courtyard in the center of the four buildings provides an open environment.

Innovation Center Building, East Wing = 6 stories


Laboratories equipped with research facilities.

Floor weight capacity 500kg/m2 (1,000kg/m2 on 1st and 2nd floors) Special specifications available for drainage and exhaust ventilation.