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Japan’s First Public-Private Alliance Project Based on the “Private Sector Resources Utilization Law”


A concrete plan for constructing the Kanagawa Science Park was suggested at a Nationwide Exchange Conference of R&D oriented companies held in Yokohama in June of 1984, attended by venture companies from all over the nation.

The conference was organized by RADOC (an information exchange organization for Research And Development Oriented Companies in Kanagawa Prefecture).

In July 1985, a study group consisting of members from industries, local governments and universities was launched in order to deliberate the specific contents of the project.

In May 1986,the Private Sector Resources Utilization Law(Temporary Law for Promoting the Strengthening of Specific Facilities by Utilizing Private Sector Business Capabilities),which promotes the construction of specific facilities through the participation of private companies, was issued by the central government.

KSP decided to make use of the support scheme based on this law, and finally, KSP was approved by the central government as the first facility to be called a “Research Core” in December 1986.


May 1978 Brain Center Framework advocated by Kanagawa Prefecture
March 1981 Mechanical Electronics City Framework advocated by Kawasaki City
June 1984 Formation of a science park as an R&D creation base suggested by RADOC
(Research And Development Oriented Companies)
July 1985 KSP plan study group organized by public and private sectors, and universities
December 1986 KSP approved by the central government as the first facility to be called a “Research Core” KSP, Inc. was established as the core entity of the Kanagawa Science Park
May 1987 Construction of the Kanagawa Science Park initiated
July 1989 Construction of buildings completed