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Code Meee Co.

Company name: Code Me Co. Code Me Lab
Location: Room NEO-S3, 4th floor, KSP West Tower, 3-2-1 Sakado, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
Establishment: April, 2017
Representative director: Kenji Ohta
Business description
EC business for personalized aroma
CODE Meee (CODE Meee)
CODE Meee for Gift (CODE Meee for Gift)
Fragrance branding and marketing support for companies
CODE Meee Produce
CODE Meee On Demand


EC business for personalized aroma, scent branding and marketing support

We provide individuals and companies with the most suitable scent according to their purpose and scene. From 100% natural aromas (essential oils) to more fantastical fragrances, we offer one-of-a-kind fragrances that meet the needs and worldviews of our customers.

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