About moving in

Is there a occupancy screening?

We will submit a tenant application form and we will review it.

I’d like to move into a lab, is any experiment ok?

In KSP, bio-experiments dealing with harmful microorganisms (pathogens, etc.), experiments dealing with animals, experiments using class 1 specified chemical substances (SUCH as PCBs) stipulated in the Chemical Substances Control Law, and experiments using radioactive isotopes cannot be condu
cted in principle. The contents of the experiment will be judged after receiving a prescribed environmental examination before moving in.

Can any company move in?

If we have you determine that the purpose of use of the industry type or rental room is insufficient, we will refuse.

I’d like to know the available information and details of the desired space.

Availability information is basically not available, so please feel free to contact us first. We will respond promptly along with your questions.

How will it flow until you move in?

Depending on the specifications of your preferred office lab, the details
of the procedure and the KSP contact point will vary. 1. For incubation offi
ce labs  We will present our busin
ess plan as a R&D-type startup.  For details, please refer to this page (K.S.P. https:

//www.ksp.co.jp/incubation/office-lab/step/ Co., Ltd., etc.). 2. For Tech-
Pot  Please check this sit
e operated by LiYOND Inc.

 https://tech-pot.jp/ 3. For companies other than lar
ge offices and ventures The flow i
s as follows. (1) Contact K.S.P. Community Co., Ltd. (Tel. 044-819-2200)
(2) Submission of application form
  The outline of the desired zone, period of residence, conditions of residence, etc. must be submitted in writing after prior consultation.
(3) Confirm compliance with environmental management standards
  When conducting research and development, we check the impact on the external environment.
  As a general rule, bio-experiments dealing with harmful organisms and experiments dealing with animals can not be carried out. (About 1 month for norm
al confirmation) (4) Confirmation and conclusion of contra
ct details   Final confirmation of the contract statement and terms and conditions. (Usually about 1 m
onth for confirmation) (5) Start of contract and move-in

What kind of companies are moving in?

More than 100 R&D companies, from startups to global companies with the world’s top share, have moved into KSP, aiming to create next-generation technologies, products, and businesses. Both companies have obtained high reputation for their research safety, technology, and businessability through rigorous examination.

After moving in

What kind of services can I receive after I move in?

We offer “founding support, growth support, and corporate development” and an optimal service menu according to the growth stage. Each company has its own incubation manager to provide comprehensive support for various management according to each company.

Are there any rules in the hotel?

There is an in-house rule called “Kanawaya Science Park Usage Rules”.

Is it possible to enter and exit the building on holidays or at night?

At night (22:30-7:30), only those with KSP cards can enter and exit from the night-only entrance and exit. In addition, the entrance and exit of the east building and R&D building are the same as at night.

Can I partition or remodel the room?

It is possible if you apply to Keyspie Community Co., Ltd. (tel 044-819-2200) and obtain permission.

Is it okay to bring in large machines and heavy objects?

It is possible if you apply to Keyspie Community Co., Ltd. (tel 044-819-2200) and obtain permission.

Can I move at any time?

In principle, it is not possible to move (loading and unloading luggage) after the closing door of the entrance (east building 18:00-7:30, west wing 22:30-7:30, R&D building 20:00-7:30).

Can residents interact with each other?

There are two community organizations (KSP Exchange Association and KSPer’s) that promote mutual business development and friendship through exchange and information exchange between companies and organizations moving in.

About infrastructure, security, and facilities in the building

Is there a parking lot?

Yes. There is a monthly parking lot exclusively
for residents and a time rental for the general public. ■M
onthly parking: 30,000 yen (excluding tax) per month ■Ka
nawaya Science Park Underground Parking   Hours: 07:30-22:30 / Parking fee: 100 yen
/20 minutes   * Please note that you cannot enter or leave the car except during the ab
ove hours.   * Free parking tickets will be issued from each store depending on the purchase amount for those who purchase a
t stores that are subscribed to the KSP Shop Association (excluding banks and post offices).
   ・ For purchases of 1,000 yen or more: 1 hour free
   ・ For purchases of 3,000 yen or more: 2 hours free    However, some product
s may not be eligible for free parking tickets.    For details, please co
ntact each store when using.   * HOTEL ARU KSP customers have a private ground parking lot. Click here for details (https://www.hotel-ksp.com/info_parking.html)

Is there a bicycle parking lot for motorcycles and bicycles?

There are 2 bicycle parking lots for bicycles and 1 bicycle parking lot dedicated to motorcycles.

What is security?

We have introduced a security card access and exit management system, security sensors, and surveillance cameras, and the reporting information from these cameras is automatically recorded, and manned monitoring is carried out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Is smoking prohibited in the hotel? Is there a place where I can smoke?

Smoking is prohibited in the hotel, but there are several smoking areas outside.

Where is the general information (reception)?

There is a general guide on the left hand side of the main entrance on the 1st floor of the West Wing, just before the hotel Keyspie entrance.

Do you have coin lockers?

We do not have it.

I’d like to use the Internet, but what is the Wi-Fi environment?

There is no Wi-Fi environment provided by the building.

What are the facilities such as nursing rooms and toilets for children?

There are no nursing rooms or toilets for children.

What are the barrier-free facilities?

Wheelchair elevators and wheelchair toilets are available.

I felt like I had dropped something or something I had left for it.

Drop-offs are accepted at the security center at tel 044-819-3999.

I picked up a drop.

Please send it to the general information (reception desk) or the security center.

Do you have an ATM?

There are ATMs of “Reso na Bank”, “Bank of Yokohama”, and “Japan Post Bank” on the 1st floor of the West Building.

Is there a hospital?

“KSP Clinic” (Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Health Checkup, Human Dock) on the 5th floor of the West Wing and “KSP Dentistry” (General, Pediatrics, Correction) are located on the 4th floor of the West Wing.

Are there any restrictions on the shuttle bus?

It operates as a member-only bus until 10:00 a.m. on weekdays, so a membership card is required to board. Non-members can use it after 10:00.

About rental meeting rooms and halls

When do I accept applications for use?

We have been accepting this service since six months ago. Please contact us for earlier reservations.

Can I download facility drawings and price list?

It can’t be downloaded. Please contact Hotel K.S.P.

What are the opening hours and closing days?

3 is the day, the second Sunday of February, the last day of GW.

I have not confirmed the event, can I make a tentative reservation?

We accept. We accept provisional deadlines of 2 weeks.

Do I need an application fee?

It is unnecessary.

Is there a cancellation fee?

We have received 20% of the estimated amount from 60 days in advance. For details, please visit the Hotel K.S.P. website.

Is it possible to bring in equipment and food and drinks?

In principle, we refuse.

Can I set up a venue?

We accept. Please let us know your desired layout.

Can I get a call from a party during the meeting?

We accept

I’d like to inquire about facilities and operation from a person involved in the event that has already been decided to be held.

Please contact Hotel Keyspie. TEL044-819-2222 (Direct)

I’d like to shoot with KSP.

If you are taking photos in common areas such as halls, lobbies, corridors, escalators, elevators, stairs, etc., please apply to K.S.P. Community Co., Ltd. (tel 044-819-2200) and obtain permission. We may refuse.

How do I send takkyu service to the venue?

Please include the date of the event, the venue of use, and the name of the group, and send it to hotel K.E.S.P.


I’d like to know the concept of KSP.

Please refer to the following page for kanawaya science park.


→ link to “About KSP”


Can I post a link or banner from the homepage?

In principle, you are free to link to the website. No prior contact is required. However, as a condition of publication, if K.S.P. Co., Ltd. determines that the contents of the linked website are contrary to laws and regulations, public order and morals, may cause damage to third parties or KSP, or cause loss of credibility, please d
elete the link unconditionally and promptly. When setting up a link, please specify that it is a link to the KSP homepage. In addition, the contents and addresses posted on the KSP website may be changed or deleted without prior notice, and K.S.P. Co., Ltd. shall not be liable for any problems or damage caused by the link to the KSP website.
In addition, if the KSP logo is used in the banner, the permission of K.S.P. Co., Ltd. is required, and unauthorized use is prohibited. When using this service, please specify the “Outline of the website where the logo will be posted, the location, the period of publication, and the outline of the operator” on the inquiry form, and then send it to request permission. On top of that, please do not use if there is no answer from K.S. P.K. Co., Ltd.

I’d like to put an ad on the KSP homepage.

We do not accept this service at this time.

I’d like to post a post at a tenant company post in KSP or put a flyer on a bulletin board.

Posting to tenant company posts is
prohibited. In addition, please contact K.S.P. Community Co., Ltd. (TEL 044-819-2200) for information on using the bulletin board. Other than that, it is not allowed.

I’d like to borrow or use a picture.

Please consult with K.S.P. Community Co., Ltd. (tel 044-819-2200).

I’d like to cover the event.

Please consult with K.S.P. Community Co., Ltd. (tel 044-819-2200).