KSP History

June 1984 "R&D-type enterprise nationwide exchange meeting" sponsored by Kanagawa Prefecture R&D-type corporate liaison committee is an opportunity, and "R&D creation base science park formation" plan is proposed.
July 1985 "KSP Concept Survey Study Group" was established with the participation of industry, science, and government.
December 1986 Received certification from The Act on Temporary Measures concerning the Promotion of The Development of Specific Facilities by Utilizing the Capabilities of Private Business Operators (Civil Activities Act) No. 1 Facility (R&D
and Commercialization Infrastructure Facilities = Research Core) Established K.S.P. Co., Ltd., the core management entity of Kanagawa Science Park.
May 1987 Opening Ceremony of Kanawaya Science Park
August 1987 Established "K.S.P. Heat Supply Co., Ltd."
April, 1988 Established Hotel K.S.P. Club Co., Ltd.
April, 1988 Established "K.S.P. Community Co., Ltd."
July 1988 National Research Core Liaison Council (JASPA) Founding General Meeting
July 1989 Kanawaya Science Park opened
July 1992 Their Majesties the Heisei Emperor and Empress (now Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress) Yukihiro Shimoyuki
August 1995 Changed to Hotel K.S.P., the management entity of Hotel KSP
July 2004 Photocatalyst Museum Opening Ceremony
April 2005 Kanagawa Technical Support Foundation (KTF) and Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology (KAST) <新> Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology
March 2008 Visit to The President of the Republic of Croatia, Stievan Mesic
April 2017 KAST and Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (KISTEC) were integrated to establish the Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (KISTEC).
May 2018 Kanagawa Prefectural Kawasaki Library relocated from Kawasaki Ward to KSP.