KSP Overview

KSP appearance

Kanagawa Science Park (KSP) is Japan’s first urban science park located within about 20 minutes from the city center, with good access and an advanced concentration area for leading companies and research institutes.

Under the concept of “a base where R&D-type companies are born, nurtured, and interacted,” R&D-type companies gather and interact with each other to stimulate each other and develop together,

There are 117 companies living in the site area (55,362 m2), and 3,719 people are employed. (As of May 1, 2024)

KSP is jointly owned and operated by five companies, “Nippon Life Insurance Company”, “Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company”, “Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited”, “TOBISHIMA CORPORATION” and “KSP, Inc.”.

In addition, in order to create new technologies, together with the Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (KISTEC) and the Kanagawa Prefectural Kawasaki Library, which are based in KSP, in collaboration and cooperation with universities and venture support organizations, hold study groups, seminars, corporate exchange meetings, etc.

We actively provide the latest business technologies and academic information, and are a hub for the transmission of information and information for the creation of new industries. In addition, we have built a network with science parks in Japan and overseas to contribute to the further growth and development of our business.

An advanced R&D environment with a good location of about 20 minutes from the city center and about 35 minutes to Yokohama

It is an advanced R&D facility that also occupies many R&D departments of large companies and foreign-affiliated companies. In addition to the convenience of having a full range of meeting rooms, halls, and galleries within a 20-minute radius of the city center, there is also the Kawasaki Technical Support Department and intellectual property center for test analysis, which is ideal for R&D-type business.

The three towers that make up the Kanawaya Science Park

KSP consists of three buildings: the West Wing of the Innovation Center Building, the R&D Business Park Building, and the East Wing
of the Innovation Center Building. Site area: 55,362㎡ / Building area: 15,987㎡ / Building area 146,336㎡
Total project cost: Approximately 65 billion yen

Innovation Center Building West Wing

Innovation Center Building West Wing

A 10-story building on the north-west side of the site that is the gateway to KSP. We have set up office spaces for coworking spaces and startup companies, so you can use the optimal office space according to the growth stage of the company.
In November 2013, the Incubation Zone NEO, which smoothly and effectively supported the founding and growth of startups working on new businesses,
In April 2020, we opened Tech-Pot, a coworking space that responds to new work practices and concentrates on business initiatives, to enhance support for your business development. On the 3rd floor, there is a KSP hall and KSP gallery that can accommodate international conferences and symposiums of 250 people, and on the 7th floor, there is also a conference room for rent.
As a facility, there is an authorized shopping street consisting of hotels, post offices, bank ATMs, convenience stores, restaurants, clinics, dentistry, daycare centers, barbers, In addition to business people, we also provide a place for local residents to relax.

Innovation Center Building East Building

Innovation Center Building East Building

A laboratory-specific six-story building on the north
east side of the site. With a floor load of 500 kg/m2 (1F and 2F is 1000kg/m2), it can be used for various heavy equipment, and it is a laboratory-specific building adapted to advanced research and development with wastewater and exhaust facilities.

R&D Business Park Building (R&D Building)

R&D Business Park Building (R&D Building)

A 12-story large laboratory multi-tenant building on the south side of the site. It has a atrium in the center, and it is a cross-shaped building centered o
n this place. In addition to an open environment, the building structure can flexibly meet the requirements of infrastructure required for various research and development.

A facility where you can concentrate on research and development (West Wing)

Innovation Center Building West Wing

  • Applications
    Stores such as hotels, halls, training rooms, offices, post offices, bank ATMs, clinics, convenience stores, etc.
  • Structure
    10 floors above ground, 1 basement floor

Exterior and In-house View of the West Wing of the Innovation Center Building

Exterior and In-house View of the West Wing of the Innovation Center Building

KSP Management and Management Organization

KSP, Inc.

The core management body
of KSP. We provide growth support (= incubation business) to venture companies according to the growth stage of the company from the stage before its founding. We provide support services such as providing research facilities, providing business funds through investments, and providing schools and business matching. For venture companies that have moved in after screening, the incubation manager in charge is one-on-one and strongly backs up the growth promotion.

KSP Community, Inc.

We are in the land and building management business (including environmental management) and general tenant management business (including tenant contracts and tenant services) to provide a safe and comfortable environment for tenant companies.

KSP Heat Supply Auditors, Inc.

We are in the air conditioning and heating supply business of KSP.


It also serves as a hotel business and a venue for various seminars and training.

Public authorities within KSP

Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

We support the operation of cutting-edge research projects around the world through industry,
industry, and the public. In addition to providing advice from the Intellectual Property Center and providing services that respond to nano-micro-level measurement and analysis, we also provide educational seminars on various technologies.

Kanagawa Prefectural Kawasaki Library

It was established in KSP in May 2018 as a specialized library that supports manufacturing technology.
In addition to technical and engineering specialized books and academic journal collections, we also provide search services for electronic journals and external databases.