KSP Network

KSP Network

KSP Exchange Meeting

KSP has two community organizations, KSP Exchange Association and KSPer's, which promote mutual business development and friendship through exchange and information exchange between tenant companies and organizations. It is crowded with people from various industries and occupations, from venture companies to large companies, and not only organizational units but also connections between people are actively carried out.

Activities of KSP Exchange Meeting

The KSP Exchange Association conducts the following various activities, such as lectures and regular meetings.

  • "Commemorative Lecture" by Famous People
  • "Lunch seminar" to improve skills while having lunch
  • Introduction of business between members "Mitting"
  • Seminar "Daytime" to learn about women's lifestyles
  • Other "Recycling Market", "English Conversation School", "Christmas Concert", "Kajo Party"

Activities of KSP Exchange Meeting

Fy2019 Activity Results
2019.05.14 English
Conversation School (May)
Group English c
onversation by class (Held 12 times in total)
2019.06.13 General Meeting and Commemorative Lecture "Posture measures that can be d
one at work that are effective for low back pain and work"
22nd Century Medical Center, University of Tokyo Hospital
Specially Appointed Professor, Orthopedic Surgeon, Doctor of Medicine
Hiroshi Matsudaira
Click here for the commemorative lecture
2019.08.28 English Conversation Spot Planning Izakay
a in English ~Eat Drink and Chat!! ~
2019.09.10 English C
onversation School (September)
Group English c
onversation by class (Held 12 times in total)
2019.09.19 Daytime Life (1st) "How to get a good gyn
ecological cancer screening" Cancer Ay
aling Hospital Chief Gynecologist and Deputy Medical Di
rector, General Oncologist Mayu Onsenkawa
2019.10.31 Daytime Life (2nd) "Tips for eating healthy while having fun for busy women – St
ress becomes lighter, healthy diet ~ " Adult D
iet Research Institute Repres
entative Director Yasuyo Kishimura
2019.11.06 The 49th Lunch Seminar "Life Plan Money Seminar for
Working Generations" Tokio Marine & D
aily Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Executive
Life Partner Mr. Kaori Ishih
ara Click here for information (PDF)
2019.11.14 The 9th Recycling Market Buying and selling recycled goods by tenant companies
2019.12.03 Christmas Concert "Christmas medley, present
exchange, etc." Cast: Mojamoja Entertainment
Click here for the leaflet on the day (PDF)
2020.01.07 a party for exchange of words
2020.01.21 The 50th Lunch Seminar "Useful for branding, presentation and sales Chivatele sales producer teache
s what to say win! "Without Permission" Directing Technique
~ Selling points can be made~
Chiba Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Producer Mr. Kentaro
Obayashi Click here for information (PDF)
2020.03.06 The 51st Lunch Seminar (Meeting) Introduction of member b
usiness (short presentation) Click here for information
(PDF) *Postponed due to measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.
2020.03.26 Daytime Life (3rd) "Basics and effects
of organized storage" TeaTime&Space
Mr. Chikako Matsuura
*Postponed due to measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.
Fy2018 Activity Results
2018.05.15 English C
onversation School (May) started
Group English
conversation by class (~2018.08.08)
2018.06.06 General Meeting and Commemorative Lecture "Family in Human Histo
ry: A Japanese Family" Translator Emeritus,
Keio University Mr. Shigeki Hori
2018.07.10 Lunch Seminar "We recommend to liven up Japan with festiv
als Recommended summer festival wasshoi! 」 Representative Dir
ector, Omatsuri Japan Co., Ltd. Mr. Yuko Kato
2018.09.11 English
Conversation School (September)
Group English
conversation by class (~2018.11.28)
2018.09.12 Lunch Seminar "Life Plan Money Seminar for
Working Generations" Tokio Marine & Daily L
ife Insurance Co., Ltd. Executive Life Partner, Yo
kohama Branch Mr. Kaori Ishihara
2018.10.11 Daytime activities "A little strange and fun speaking workshop f
or women" Mr. Nobori Ota, Representative of Speak Gym Speaking School
2018.11.08 Recycling Market Sales of recycled items such as office stationery and fixtures by six members
2018.12.06 Christmas Concert Tokyo Chamber Orchestra (Violin Cello Harp – Trio) Performance and Lottery
2019.01.08 New Year's Party New Year's greetings among members over lunch
2019.01.24 Daytime activities "Personal Color
Seminar" Ecru Colorist & Image Consultan
t Co., Ltd. Maki Asao
2019.02.26 Lunch Meeting Short presentations by six new members and organizations
2019.03.24 Daytime activities "How to make delicious t
ea ~ TeaTalk~" Unilever Japan Service
Co., Ltd. Kanae Tanabe

Domestic Network

JASPA (Japan Science Park Association)

The Japan Science Park Association (JASPA) was established under the leadership of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (currently the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) as an organized science park operator certified by the Civil Affairs Law (Act on Temporary Measures concerning the Promotion of The Development of Specified Facilities by Utilizing the Capabilities of Private Business Operators). Al., the Civil Service Law was abolished in 2006, but today, management entities such as science parks, research parks, and techno parks nationwide, which are working together on the philosophy of industrial promotion, exchange information and conduct research on issues with the aim of interacting and developing mutually.

Currently, it consists of 8 organizations: Kespy Co., Ltd., Tsukuba Research Support Center Co., Ltd., Kurume Research Park Co., Ltd., Eniwa Research Business Park Co., Ltd., Toyama Industrial Creation Center, Science Create Co., Ltd., Eric Co., Ltd., and Tokyo Big Sight Co., Ltd. K.S.P. Co., Ltd. has been in charge of the secretariat since its establishment.

Japan Science Park Association (JASPA) https://ksp.or.jp/jaspa/

Network with supporting organizations

▶ Kawasaki C
ity Industrial Promotion Foundation, Kanagawa Industrial Promotion Center, Fujisawa Industry Support Foundation, Yokohama City Industrial Promotion Corporation, Kihara Memorial Foundation, Sagamihara Industrial Creation Center, Ota City Industrial Promotion Association, Tsukuba Research Support Center, Kuramae KogyoKai, Kuramae Venture Consultation Office, Nanotechnology Business Promotion Council (NBCI), Mobile Computing Promotion Council (MCPC)

▶ National
Intelligent Cosmos Research Promotion Organization (ICR), Kyoto Research Park (KRP), Kyoto Sangyo 21, Osaka Industrial Promotion Organization, Kobe Industrial Promotion Foundation, Ehime Toyo Industrial Creation Center, Kitakyushu Science and Technology Promotion Organization (FAIS), Small and Medium Enterprise Infrastructure Development Organization, Venture Development Department, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Overseas network

ASPA (Asian Science Park Association)

The Asian Science Park Association (ASPA) was established in December 1997 at the behalf of Takao Kubo, the fourth president of KSP (in November 2003
). Participating countries include South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, India, Russia and Mongolia. The current secretariat is located in Korea, and The KsP and Kyoto Research Park (KRP) from Japan are participating as board m
embers. In addition to the annual annual conference, we hold the ASPA Award, an award system for growing companies, and Business Meeting, a business meeting for supporting companies.

At the 27th Board of Directors Meeting held in June 2014, Hirohisa Uchida of K.S.P. Co., Ltd. was elected as ASPA Chairman. The 19th ASPA Annual Conference will be held from Sunday, November 8 to Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at The KSP. It was held in.

Asia Science Park Association (ASPA) http://www.aspa.or.kr/

Partner organizations

ITRI, Institute of Industrial Technology (Taiwan), Shinchu Science Park (Taiwan), Tsinghua University Science Park (China), Hong Kong Science technology park (China), Daegu Techno Park (Korea)

Overseas training accepting business

We cooperate with K.S.P.'s know-how in human resource development and programs for trainees visiting Japan using KSP's service facilities such as hotels. In the training, we create business plans with lectures and hands-on learning on Japanese culture and business practices.

●Training in Japan at Steinbais University in Germany

From March 4 to March 13, 2020, the German Steinbais University Japan Training 2020 Spring was held at The Kanawa Science Park. In this program, 31 graduate students from Steinbais University stayed in Japan for 10 days to study management and marketing in Japan, and together with japanese graduate students (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Yokohama National University, and Meisei University) and young working adults, proposals on overseas strategies of Japanese companies were compiled.
During the period, lectures on management and culture in Japan and group work were held to solve business issues provided by three Japanese companies (Micross Software Co., Ltd., I-Net Co., Ltd., and Metcela Co., Ltd.). *Participants: 36 students from Steinb
ais University in Germany (including faculty members), 20 members of the Japanese team (graduate students, adult trainees, etc.)