Testing, Research and Analysis Organization

Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (KISTEC)

As a support organization for the creation of new innovations, we aim to contribute to the development of industry in the prefecture and the improvement of the lives of prefectural residents by provide consistent support from basic research to commercialization, and comprehensively as a central organization of the corporate support network.

▶ kistec's main business

R&D Department

In order to promote the development of new technologies and new products, we support the bridge between the development needs of SMEs and research seeds of universities and other institutions. In project research, we conduct basic research that connects promising research seeds such as universities to technology transfer to companies, etc. In addition, in the research to promote the promotion of business, we set research themes based on the development needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, etc., and promote the digitization through joint research with small and medium-sized enterprises and universities.

Kanagawa Intellectual Property Center

Kanagawa Prefecture Patent Distribution Coordinators are stationed to provide various support for the utilization of intellectual property, including patents. In addition, we provide services such as agency search such as patent and utility model information and technical documents.

Kanagawa Intellectual Property Center https://www.kistec.jp/category/sup_comm/intel_prop_sup/

Kawasaki Technical Support Department

We will support local SMEs and others in overcoming issues in R&D and technical problem resolution. We support local manufacturing by providing services such as technical consultation and measurement contract research.

Human Resource Development Department

We offer advanced graduate-level education courses for corporate researchers and engineers to develop industrial human resources. In addition, we provide information on science and technology to a wide range of people from young people to working adults, such as conducting "science laboratories" and "on-site classes" to get elementary and junior high school students interested in science and technology.


Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) https://www.kistec.jp/