Startup Room

Small office labs for venture companies and R&D departments

It is a flexible lab with standard functions such as drainage and exhaust and scalab
ility. The office is a private room specification with high security.

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▶ Room Type Overview

The name Office type Lab type
Specification Private room/office specifications Click here for detai
ls of ≫/lab specifications and laboratory facilities (R&D infrastructure – link to lab equipment)
Number of rooms (area) 27 rooms (approx. 11 to 94 square meters) 34 rooms (approx. 75-153㎡)
Monthly fee (excluding tax) @5,200 yen/m2/month (including common-use expenses)
Security Deposit 500,000 yen per span (75㎡)
Period of residence 5 years (up to 8 years)
Contract form 1-time use agreement

▶ for moving in

● As a general rule, individuals and companies that fall under any of the following research and development and business activities such as new technologies and new products. (How
ever, depending on the industry and field, it may not be possible to move in) (1) Individuals aiming to start
a business (2) Individuals and compa
nies that have been in business for less than 5 years (excluding large companies) (3) Small an
d medium-sized enterprises that have been in new business for less than 5 years

▶ occupancy screening

●We will conduct document screening, interview screening, etc. f
or residents★ Please contact us for details about availability and occupancy.